Holistic Healing for Animals

Holistic Healing for Animals

How to approach a client

Animal Reiki and communicationPosted by Stacey Adele Mon, July 03, 2017 20:15:10

When you are first starting out moving from giving Reiki to family and friends animals and looking to expand into helping others as paying (or free) clients there are a number of things to consider.

Introductory text and disclaimer – you will likely require some form of introductory text to send to people explaining what Reiki is, how you run your sessions (eg distantly, in person, length of session etc.) and the legal requirement of a disclaimer to request the animals carer informs their vet of the intention to use Reiki on their animal and that Reiki is not a substitute for veterinary care. You may also wish to collect some pre-session information about the animal here including species/breed, lifestyle (eg where kept, diet, exercise etc.), age, health status and why the person is interested in having a session for their animal at this time. It is up to you, and any legal requirements of your country or insurance, as to how in-depth this information is.

Insurance – again this may or may not be a legal requirements of your country to practice Reiki and you will have to be able to show you have been attuned to Reiki level 2 (practitioner level) to obtain this. You may also wish to consider legally binding terms and conditions to protect you and your clients eg regarding refunds for any monies paid if the animal does not want a session that day.

Feedback – most people will want some form of feedback to know how things went, especially if you were giving the session distantly and they were not present to watch their animals’ reactions at the time. Feedback can be given verbally (in person, via phone/skype etc) or in writing (email and is good if the client wants a record). Remember you cannot diagnose with Reiki but you can say things like ‘we shared a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation’ or ‘I visualised coloured energy flowing into x during the session’ or ‘I was drawn to ‘x’ part of the body’. For example I recently gave Reiki to a dog and was drawn to their mouth over and over during the session. I asked the human at the end if their dog had recently had any issues with their mouth as I was drawn to it strongly, and it transpired they had been to the vets for a tooth removal a week before! You may also have picked up a message the animal wants you to pass to their human and it is up to you how best you do this especially if the matter could be quite sensitive. For example I was on my third session with a horse and she suddenly exclaimed into my head ‘I think I might be in foal, can you let my mum (human) know as I’m scared’. I felt that the relationship I had with the human was safe and established enough to ask her if her horse could potentially be pregnant; the answer was yes.

Confidence – this takes time and you will find your way over time. You will find a way of giving Reiki (or being Reiki) that suits you and you will learn something new from every client. You will also get to know humans too and be able to spot genuine clients from those who are looking to ‘test’ you, and you will find ways of responding to this for the highest good to all. Just take it slowly, enjoy it, and don’t try to rush things. You will get there, eventually.

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Spirit Guides

Animal Reiki and communicationPosted by Stacey Adele Sun, July 02, 2017 20:07:33

Spirit guides are there to help us through this life whilst we are on Earth and help us find and fulfil our true purpose. They can come in many forms and will have been assigned to you before birth and may be part of your wider soul group and have been with you through many incarnations. Guides can also be guardians, helping to keep you safe and looking out for you so that you can fulfil whatever your true purpose may be. I believe guides and guardians can be with you ‘in person’ or ‘in spirit’ and may be in both forms throughout your life. This is particularly true when a guide come to you as a beloved animal family member who will not live as long as you physically, but then remains with you to guide you after they have passed back into spirit. The same can be true of human family, for example a grandparent who has passed before you were born but watches over you especially as a child. Spirit guides can of course be ascended masters, angels and arch-angels, unicorns and other higher vibration, elemental beings. These are likely to have many ‘charges’ at the same time and may be with you only for part of your life or when you need particular guidance on specific tasks related directly to your purpose. They may also be your harshest critics, giving you a nudge when you stray from your path. So how do they communicate with us? Well this partially depends on how sensitive you are to their presence. If you are well attuned to universal and spiritual energies they will be able to send you messages directly via intuitive communication (words, images etc. direct into your being) and you will understand them. If you are less attuned or having a low period and not picking up on energies as well as normal then they have other ways to let you know what they are trying to say. The most common of these is intuition or gut feelings, you will suddenly know something you are supposed to do, it will just feel right (or wrong if it is a protective no). They may also leave signs for you for example you may start to see something on TV, read about it in books and hear it on the radio when it is something you have never thought about or been interested in before. Co-incidence? Maybe, but more likely your guides trying to draw your attention to something that is important to you right now. They may also ‘set-up’ things for you such as enabling you to meet someone who can help you with what is troubling you right now or to progress in the direction you are meant to go. You might even start to dream about something time and time again, if you forget your dreams easily try writing them down to look for patterns over time.

So do I have spirit guides? I do have guides and guardians. The first one I remember was the spirit of my paternal grandfather who died the August before I was born in the December. I used to hear a voice in my head and came to intuitively know that my grandfather watched over me. As I got older I heard the voice less and less and felt that my grandfather had moved on from me. Around this time I obtained my first reptile, Louis the bearded dragon and this started a whole new friendship which as anyone who has followed me for a while will know led me to Rex more recently. I knew subconsciously that Louis listened to my troubles and was there when I needed someone to cuddle. I now know that Rex carries part of Louis and they are one of my guardians and guides in dragon form (both bearded dragon and spiritual dragon). As I have developed my connection to spirit I have discovered I have many more guides who may have been there all my life or may be a recent development to help me develop my true path.

I hope this gives you some insight into who may be your guides and guardians, and the signs they may leave you. If you are already well connected to spirit please feel free to share your experiences and how your guides help you along your path in life. Namaste xxxx

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Reiki with mares and foals

Animal Reiki and communicationPosted by Stacey Adele Sun, March 19, 2017 13:59:49

A large number of my clients are of the equine variety and recently many of these have been pregnant mares. I find it wonderful to be trusted to work with them and their unborn foals. Sometimes when doing a session with the mare I have had the privilege of connecting with her as yet unborn foal. Sometimes this has been me seeing the foal as an energetic image in the photograph of the mare, as an extension to her aura or as a slightly blurred image around her stomach area. This I feel is the mare letting me know she is definitely in foal and that it is all well.

Image credit: Pixabay.com

Other times, and these are the most special, I have been able to connect directly to the foal and see the foal as I would the mother during the session. One particular foal has sometimes come in place of her mother when the mare has been tired and I have ended up sending Reiki to both and communicating with both. One day this involved a singsong with them and the mare’s best friend, a gelding. This was an amazing experience and it is these moments that make my heart swell with joy and bring a smile to my face for days to come.

So what do foals say? Well they sometimes want to let us know they are ok, they want to tell their mum they can feel and that they look forward to running with them and playing in the grass. They want to say hello to their parents and herd and ask them to sing to them. They also get excited and wriggle when someone they love is near and this can make their mums have a sickly tummy so I have to calm them down. Their joy is infectious though.

Image credit: Pixabay.com

I find it amazing that they want to connect and even let me see them, although it is usually as a fully formed foal ready to be born even if they are very early in the pregnancy. I also see the foal’s aura at times and the colours here are so pure and pretty as come with innocence and such pure connection to source that you get with new-borns (or those still growing).

Do you have an animal friend who is pregnant and you would like to know how they are and how their little one/s are feeling? I would love to connect with them if they wish me to and if you are interested you can find out more about me on my website and Facebook page http://hamishs-holistic-healing.com

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How I undertake a Reiki session

Animal Reiki and communicationPosted by Stacey Adele Sun, March 19, 2017 13:57:34

Preparation is the key to a clear connection with spirit and the animal I am working with. Firstly I prepare the room and any crystals or other tools I may use during the session. To do this I use a singing bowl, chant ‘Ohm’ and wave a special feather about to cleanse specific objects. I then ground myself by going into my meditation room and sitting on the floor with my feet flat. I breathe deeply and imagine roots growing from my feet deep into the earth and pure white energy flowing into my head through the crown Chakra and down through my body. Once I feel ready I open my eyes and look at a photograph of the animal I am working with that session. I send Reiki symbols to the animal and imagine a loop of blue energy connecting us across time and space while allowing our energies to remain separate. I then ask them if they are ready to talk and let me feel their energy.

It is now where things will differ as the session is very much based on what I feel and what the animal wants me to know at that time. I will have the pre-session notes from their human which guide me as to where the human would like me to focus or questions to ask the animal, but I take my lead from the animal themselves. For example I can go into a session fully expecting to give Reiki for joint and mobility issues and end up in a conversation with the animal about their worries or what they would like for tea! Sometimes other animals join in too, especially when they are close to my client such as in a herd of horses. The other animals can be ones there now or friends who have passed, but still maintain a close connection. Often they come if they feel I need help getting to the route of an issue or to provide support to their friend.

Image credit: Pixabay.com

When working with Reiki and crystal energy I never assume how the energy will flow or what I will be doing with my hands or visualising. There are a few generic types of energy I send often for specific issues but again these don’t suit everyone. For example I often send blue light to nerves to help the flow of energy there if there are blockages, but sometimes that is too strong and calming purple is required instead. I also send blue or gold energy to bone and muscle if knitting is required for injury or to strengthen a joint for instance, but sometimes they want another colour or the joint binding in solid gold. For pain in bones and joints I often use what I call bubble-gum or candyfloss pink energy to help cushion the area, and for foot issue I send ‘Reiki boots’ of energy to wrap the foot like a compress.

When using crystals I find I am often intuitively drawn to use certain ones in a session or my client will describe a particular one they would like. Sometimes this is by colour only and if I am not sure which they need I can use my pendulum to scribe for one. There have been cases where they have requested a crystal and I have no idea what they want so I end up going to my books or the internet during the session and looking at those that match the description until the client say ‘yes’. I find it amazing how animals know about the internet, but I’m not sure why as it is all information flow after-all!

Image credit: Pixabay.com

Communication can happen in many ways. I mainly get clairaudient communication where I am literally having a conversation with the animal, but increasingly this is accompanied by visualisation. It can be that I am sent specific images of something they want to show me, or it can be a moving video as if I am there with them. At times both myself and my client are in a specific place that is neither of our homes, but a place I go to for deep healing session with them and animal guides are often called in. With horse clients I often call in unicorns, mostly my own guide, but sometimes I get others. For dogs I call on wolves to help, cats often get panthers and birds get owls or falcons. I will also call on spirit animals of my own who have passed especially Charlie snake to help out. This is not just when working on reptiles either; Charlie has helped many of my clients.

Recently I have been working on a number of cases where there is a family of animals including humans involved and they want protection adding to them or their home as part of the session. It is then I use a combination of Reiki (gold or pure crystal quartz energy and symbols) and black crystals to help grid protection around them. My dragon guides often come into play here too, and more often my snakes who are past and present lend a hand by going to watch over and help heal the client and their loved ones.

Whatever the content of a session I end by brushing and sealing the aura of my client to remove any remaining energy that needs to go and seal in the good work we have done. I then bring myself back into the room, scrubbing out the Reiki symbols to break the connection and thank the animal, Reiki and any guides for their help. I then re-cleanse the tools used and the room and myself using the singing bowl and my flute or pipes. The music of the flute and pipes brings me a sense of calm and closes the session nicely. Writing up my notes immediately also helps to close the session and bring me back to reality so to speak. If needed I will add black obsidian crystals to my socks for a while to help ground me fully post a session and I always need to drink a large glass of water.

I hope you have found this interesting and if you would like me to connect with your animal family check out my website and Facebook page at http://hamishs-holistic-healing.com

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