Holistic Healing for Animals

Holistic Healing for Animals

Seeing through animals eyes

Animal Reiki and communicationPosted by Stacey Adele Sat, October 01, 2016 20:58:09

The main benefit of seeing through their eyes is that it helps me to see like my animals and to further understand how they might perceive the world and why things might seem scary to them that don’t affect me as a human.

There are two ways this could be interpreted and both are equally valid. The first is trying to see things from your non-human animals perspective, walking in their paws so to speak. We may think we know what is best for our animal friends and for some species we do have a good understanding of good and bad welfare. However, every animal is an individual and what might suit most of a particular species might not suit all. Think of humans, some people are happy to spend all their life in one small area and indeed get very concerned and even afraid when something changes. Other people get bored of the same and love to travel and move around, constantly seeking new things.

Maybe your dog loves his normal walking route as to him there is always something new every day: a new scent, a different bird in the bushes, a new dog to say hi to. Just because you fancy a change, he might be quite content.
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Alternatively just because most tortoises are presumed to be shy and like to be left alone others, like my Splitz, thrive on new people to chase around after their feet and love meeting other animals and sussing them out via a good sniff.
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The second way is literally seeing through their eyes. Some people who, like me, practice Reiki and animal communication and similar complementary therapies can not only feel emotion or hear words coming from the animal they are connecting with but also see what they see. By this I mean in the moment they are connected the human can see like the animal does and what they are actually viewing at the time.

I myself have experienced seeing through other animals eyes – I tried it to see if I could do it the first time with a hawk one day when out walking. I focussed on the hawk and asked if I could connect with her. She agreed and my vision became much more acute and the colours more vivid, and for a short time I had a view of the birds on the water from above like the hawk would have. It felt amazing and I loved that the hawk let me see how she saw.
Photo Cred: Pixabay

I have since used this ability to see how my Hannah (chameleon) see’s to gain a better perspective on her unique eyes and how seeing all around can make you more nervous as nothing goes unnoticed. I have also used it to help find my own snakes when they have gone ‘walkies’ in the house to get an impression of if they see darkness, dappled light etc. (snakes do not see colour but shadows and movement). This has mixed success!

Birds generally see things with much more visual acuity than humans, whilst reptiles’ vision varies greatly by species. Cats also see better than humans – I tried seeing through the eyes of a stray cat I looked after for a while once just to check that he was ok when he was not around. Even at night I could make out leaves and twigs around me when seeing through his eyes.

Both ways of seeing highlight an important point when looking after animals – they are individuals just like us and will find things we find ok scary because of the way they sense the world around them. Being able to communicate with animals by tuning into their brainwaves and the universal energy of Chi is a pleasure, a gift and an honour. I have learnt so much more from them by doing this and a whole new world is opening up to me. I wish to thank the animals for allowing this and encourage anyone who is interested in knowing more to try connecting with their animals friends. Just trust what comes to you, we can all connect with Chi is we desire and open our minds and our hearts. Namaste xx

If you would like me to undertake a communication and Reiki session with your animal friends to gain a deeper insight into their likes and dislikes please contact me via my website http://hamishs-holistic-healing.com

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