Holistic Healing for Animals

Holistic Healing for Animals

Using Reiki and intent setting to help you find your desires

Animal Reiki and communicationPosted by Stacey Adele Sun, October 02, 2016 16:08:00

If you feel there is a part of your life that is not going in the right direction, or you feel requires healing to help you move on or find your true path, there are a number of things you can consider to help you. Now I can’t promise any one of these will solve all your concerns and make your life full of rainbows and unicorns, but they can help the universe understand what you desire. They do require work from you but should also help you feel more grounded and open up connections to others for the highest good of all.

Cleansing your space – before you start setting the intent for your desires you need to cleanse yourself and your space of current ‘bad’ energy. There are a number of ways to cleanse and you will probably find one resonates more with you than others. Sage smudge sticks can be used to cleanse a larger space easily as the scented smoke will fill a room with a pleasing cleansing aroma. Singing bowls (metal or crystal) are good for cleansing smaller spaces and yourself. Reiki can also be used to cleanse yourself or your space by using the Reiki symbols if you are attuned to these.

Chakra balancing and grounding yourself – once you are cleansed you need to be grounded. Black tourmaline is a good grounding stone I find if placed at your feet whilst you visualise roots growing from your feet into the Earth. You can then use Reiki to help balance your Chakra’s by keeping one hand over your heart and then moving the other along the main Chakra’s starting from the root and moving to the crown visualising them spinning openly and linking together.

Intent setting – there are a number of ways to set intent. Affirmations – if you have a clear goal writing this down and repeating to yourself with confidence daily will help you focus on this goal as well as letting the universe know your intent is true. Clarifying your dreams and desires by daily writing – if you are still a little unsure of the details or have a number of dreams and desires write them daily in a notebook kept especially for them and visualise how you will feel when they manifest. Crystal grids – if you have experience with crystals you could write your main desire down and set this under a crystal grid – crystal grids can be produced using your own intuition or following one from a book or online resource. Finally whatever method you choose you can use the Reiki symbols if you are attuned to help link your desires to the future reality you wish to see.

A safe and sacred space – if possible find a place where you live either in your home or garden where you can create a sacred space for meditating and intent setting. This should be somewhere away from technology and where you are able to get some peace and quiet. Fill this space with crystals, sacred objects, pictures of your favourite things and animal guides if you have them. Keep this space for you so design it how feels right to you for relaxation and focus on your intent. Cleanse this area regularly.

I hope these help you to make progress towards where you wish to be and help you feel more in control of your destiny with the help of the universe making sure the right path is chosen for you. Namaste xxx

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