Holistic Healing for Animals

Holistic Healing for Animals

Case study: Reiki for Gromit

Animal Reiki and communicationPosted by Stacey Adele Sat, October 15, 2016 08:47:41

The purpose of this case study is to give you an insight into the kind of things I pick up when undertaking a Reiki session and some of the tips I give the humans for ongoing holistic health management. Of course continued working with their vet is always a requirement.

Gromit is a 10 year old Labrador that belongs to my recently extended family. He has lived with his lady since he was a pup and she informed me his skin has been itchy and red for a long time. He is on numerous medications for this including steroids. Gromit is also overweight and has been since he was castrated. The vet has confirmed Labradors can put on weight rapidly following castration.

Photo credit: my own

I gave the elderly pooch some Reiki when we were over visiting family and picked up the following:

- Digestive issues highlighted by a dip in energy around his lower gut area and via communication: Gromit feels he doesn’t get all he needs from his food (eg can’t absorb all vitamins etc.) and is constantly hungry

- Possible hormonal imbalance picked up via communication from Gromit: he feels ‘edgy’ and like ‘things are all over the place at times’

- A general feeling of stress (energy imbalances picked up via Reiki scan, and it is also how I felt when I first laid hands on him) - he picks up emotions from his human family

- Sore eyes – they looked sore and he confirmed to me they felt sore and dry

- The stress, hormonal imbalance (edginess) and digestive issues were I felt a strong contributing factor behind his poor skin and eyes

How I helped him and further tips for his family:

- Balanced his energy flow from dorsal to ventral side using Reiki

- Helped to open his sacral (hormones) and solar-plexus (digestion) Chakra’s using Reiki to get the energy flowing more smoothly as there were clear blockages

- Reiki for his gut – moving along his gut as he rolled onto his back and made deep sighs and yawning sounds

- Suggested black tourmaline to reduce his stress (helps keep you grounded and reduces absorption of negativity from the environment) and therefore helps with hormonal balancing. I also suggested using moonstone in combination (I know this is usually female energy related but I did feel he needed it)

- Suggested fluorite to aid digestion and for good absorption of minerals

Photo cred: Pixabay

If you would like me to work with your animal either alongside veterinary treatment for a pre-existing condition or to get to know your animal in a greater depth please contact me via my website

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