Holistic Healing for Animals

Holistic Healing for Animals

There's much more to reptiles

My animal familyPosted by Stacey Adele Wed, November 02, 2016 20:18:27

Reptiles are misunderstood by many people, mainly because they are so different to us. People assume they have no emotion and little understanding of the world, but that they act purely on instinct and cannot form relationships or think about the future. We do accept that they are ancient animals and have adapted to many environments, no mean feat given that they can’t generate their own heat. They are also noted in many stories and myths and legends from around the world, both in positive and negative concepts. Sadly it is the negatives that are often highlighted in modern society, leading to a fear of many reptiles especially those belonging to the snake kind. I don’t expect that views will change overnight, but I would like to give you an alternative view of reptiles from my own experience and from information gained via energy exchanges, direct communication with reptiles and through meditation.
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Having been fortunate enough to have numerous reptiles in my life I can say that they certainly have the ability to form bonds, both with each other and with humans. I am not the only reptile enthusiast I know who agrees that reptiles recognise their main human. Bearded dragons are a well-known pet lizard, especially with children. The main reasons for this are that they have strong personalities, tolerate handling well and come to take food from the hand. They also form bonds with their person. My first dragon Louis was especially close to me; he always became ill when I went away and wanted more time for extra cuddles once I was back. Rex (my current dragon) is similar, although more independent. He enjoys cuddles in bed in the cooler months, will come and sit on me or close to me if I am feeling down, and likes to lick me to tell me when he is especially happy. I have also had conversations with Rex and know he is carrying part of Louis within him. Rex recognises my parents’ home and my mum, not only from his experiences, but also from memories of Louis’s he carries. In one conversation Rex told me he will become part of my next dragon once he has passed and I will know when I find the right one.

This shows that he has a concept of time and I know this is not only in the longer spiritual sense. For instance, he knows when the three minutes are up for his nebulising; he sits quietly for three minutes and then starts to want to come out of the box. He also knows when I am going away even before I tell him and he will become depressed if he knows I will be gone for a week or more because he doesn’t want me to go, or he wants to come too. He does however accept I have to travel with work and he is calmer when I tell him it is only for a few days as he knows I will come back and ‘daddy’ will still be at home. My first corn snake Charlie also had a good understanding of time. She learnt that when I told her we would be away for ‘three suns’, I meant three days (we used a hand signal as well as verbally explaining). Charlie learnt many hand signals, highlighting the intelligence of snakes who are often overlooked in traditional intelligence studies. She knew the signal for mouse (food time), for no-more mice (dinners over), and for ‘come down here’. Other snakes we had at the time watched her reactions and some learnt the signals for mouse and time from her in this way.

Many of my corn snakes also display the fact that snakes can bond. Charlie and Rimmer (our second ever snake) had such a strong bond that when Charlie passed away Rimmer told me in a conversation that she didn’t want to live without her best friend. Rimmer was also rather maternal and when she laid eggs she would stay coiled around them for a number of days. If I removed them before she was ready she would go back to look for them. When Noodle laid eggs I found Rimmer in the nesting cave with her also coiled around the eggs – she told me she was helping Noodle with what to do. As with Charlie, Noodle is also passing on knowledge to others, especially knowledge of the best hiding spots around the house to her daughter. Marble watches where her mum goes and now is just as keen to be out and about as her mum. I often find Noodle and Marble curled up together in the same hide despite there being many hides to choose from, and Marble certainly takes after her mother both in physical features and personality.
Now tortoises have a better reputation than snakes and lizards, but people still see them as slow and ‘boring’. I know different. Tortoises are not always slow for starters, they just need to be warm or after something they want and they can move with great speed. They are highly intelligent even in the traditional sense – they have been shown to excel at food mazes and in identifying pictures of real food against other similar looking items. They are also very ancient and when I touch tortoises I can feel the ancient energy emanating from them and the deep knowledge of the Earth’s history they carry within. My Hermann’s tortoise Splitz has personality in bundles and clearly shows me when he is not impressed with something. He turns his nose up at certain foods, literally turning his head away or shaking it from side to side to say ‘no’. He also chases us around the house, which is partially a territorial thing and a way of saying he wants us to stand still (male tortoises bite females to get them to stop so they can mate). However, he has told me he also does it for fun, and will bite where he knows it hurts most if he wants to get my attention. His eyes twinkle with mischief too when he does this.
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When I meditate I have had numerous visions of reptiles and how intertwined they are with the universe and the history of the Earth. Some of my visions match with ancient mythology, but others are unique to me. For example I had a lovely vision of the Earth with a tree of life growing through it linked to the Earth Flower Chakra. The Earth was surrounded by a snake symbolising the continuity of life, and two tortoises held the Earth from the sides providing stability and protection. Another time I had a vision that at the birth of the universe Chi energy came out from the big bang in waves that had the head of snakes. I know in my heart that snakes are energetically linked to Chi and carry knowledge across the ages. Tortoises are linked to the Earth and stability, a slower pace of life that is in-tune with the environment and the sun. Their solar plexus Chakra is proportionally larger than in other animals I find when giving Reiki; this is not surprising given its position in their shell and the importance of the sun for their metabolism. I have not yet meditated and had visions of lizards; however, I do have an animal guide who is a chameleon and one who is a dragon of the mythical kind. In my mind lizards are teachers, both in the spiritual sense (my guides) and the practical sense (Rex has offered me advice on day to day matters).

So as you can see reptiles are so much more than most people think. They are loving, generous, intelligent and have important roles in the spiritual world. They form bonds, learn from each other, and have much to teach us. There is so much more I could write about them, and if you are interested in learning more about those in my life I have a short book available on Amazon all about the conversations I have had with them. It is titled ‘An Animal communicator: Living With Reptiles’.

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