Holistic Healing for Animals

Holistic Healing for Animals

Bits from my new book

My animal familyPosted by Stacey Adele Thu, December 01, 2016 17:28:34
I am currently writing my new book and am putting a few tasters here for you all :)

My earliest memories involve my goldfish Goldie (I was four so not very imaginative I know) jumping out of his tank onto the floor repeatedly, although he never seemed physically worse for wear. I can’t remember where we got Goldie from, but possibly a fair ground as was common at the time. I guess if you can survive in a plastic bag with minimal water for days on end you are one tough fish! Goldie lived for quite a number of years and grew to an average size. I don’t remember him ever being ill or what he eventually died from, but he helped to start my love affair with animals.

Louis the lizard didn’t come into my life until I was 12, old enough to be responsible for a more delicate species according to my dad (I had been asking for a parrot or lizard for months by then, parrots were deemed too noisy for dad). Louis was my introduction to keeping reptiles, opened my eyes to a world I knew I wanted to be part of and to a world I didn’t (the reptile trade and over breeding of some species can be devastating). I first met Louis not long after he hatched in a local pet shop.

Image credit: Pixabay.com

During high school I started horse riding and volunteering at my local zoo, Blackbrook Zoological Park. Horse riding was a double edges sword for my morals. I loved horses, I enjoyed the feeling of freedom that came with riding, but I didn’t like the ‘control’ the school insisted you used when riding e.g. whips. I preferred making friends with the horses, grooming them and having cuddles, and enjoyed plodding around as much as I did jumping. I rode a number of horses; my favourite though had to be Oliver. He was a scruffy bay pony of mixed breed with a white blaze down his face. There was some Welsh pony in him for sure. He was gelded and rather old, but he was lovely.

Maya loves to be blown on gently, when I do this her feathers go all fluffy and she tilts her head and widens her pupils in pure bliss. She also enjoys a good scratch and when she is in the mood will really fluff up and stick her but in the air. She will only land on one person however, whereas the green-cheeks love everyone equally as long as it’s on their terms. They will even share food from your mouth, especially if it is things they shouldn’t eat like pizza.

Image credit: Wild Touch sanctuary

Helena was the first swan I gave Reiki too. She came into the sanctuary in a bad way after hitting power lines which caused her to damage one wing, break her lower mandible and caused a nasty gash up her front. She was scared and in pain and had been separated from her lifelong mate. At first she did not want me to come near, but I calmed my breathing and held my hands, palms open, towards her. After a few minutes she started to look at me, and then stopped hissing and settled down into the straw. I felt the energy flowing through my hands and they became tingly and warm. Helena was now settled and started to mouth her beak in a sign of relaxation. She also started to close her eyes, but her natural fear of humans wouldn’t quite let her sleep. I gave her Reiki for up to half an hour. That evening my friends let me know she had eaten for the first time since coming into the sanctuary.

Remember I also have a book on animal communication with reptiles available on Amazon. An Animal Communicator: Living with Reptiles and if you would like some Reiki or communication for your special animal friend please contact me via my website

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